What’s The Difference Between A Event Planner & Designer?

What's the difference between an event planner and designer, which one should you hire? The answer is simple; here's why you need both.

A planner is a logistics genius who will plan and execute every aspect of your event. Planners have a keen eye for organization with vetted vendors on speed dial. They will create a timeline and act as a liaison between you and the vendors ensuring all goes according to plan. Hiring a professional planner is absolutely necessary to pull off a well structured event, I cannot stress that enough!

However, an event designer is just as important. The event stylist concentrates on the decor and overall artistic flair of your event; just as an artist taking a blank canvas and turning it into a magnificent piece of art. Designers are highly creative and foster a unique ability to transform an ordinary space into something magical! Hiring a company that offers the dynamic duo promises the best of both worlds!